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Students can now submit their work to Ray Mains.

Be sure to watermark and resize to 1000 pixels prior to sending images. Each image will be displayed with the photographers name as credit. Send up to 5 of your best images to Ray Mains.

View student submitted work!

Ray is an incredibly talented photographer, who is also an exceptional teacher. The passion that he brings to his art shows, and it rubs off on all of his students. Maui is lucky to have an artist like Ray who loves sharing what he has learned with the rest of us. -Dave Schoonover

A week before I took Ray Mains photography class I didn't know the difference between a point and shoot and a DSLR camera. Now I can say in just two class sessions he has me completely addicted to photography. His patience and wealth of information is never ending. He goes above and beyond in keeping in touch with his students with information and support. I defiantly will be signing up for more classes! Thanks Ray! -Candace Ehe

Ray Mains is not only a gifted professional but a wonderful teacher whose generosity in sharing his expertise and his passion for photography is unsurpassed. He is a constant inspiration to his students. He challenges us to keep learning and polishing our own modest skills, opening our eyes to new possibilities in how we see and capture images of the world around us. Plus, he makes it all fun! -Pam Daoust

Ray Mains and photography are synonymous. His decades of the practical, in-the-field experiences, in all environments, ocean to sky, and inside, are coupled with and blended into a rare ability to translate what he does with why he does it. I don't know whether he is a better photographer or a better teacher, he does them each so well. So often a camera buff can do of know one of the two categories but few are able to do and say with equal skill. Ray projects a low key intensity that, as a student, one cannot ignore on the one hand, and, on the other, which is equally a stimulant to also wanting to, as the Nike ad says, "Just Do It." Taking Ray's teaching corroborates the old phrase, "You get what you pay for", which some of the more recent chain ads refer to as being "Priceless." -Aloha, Jim Krueger

My real interest in photography blossomed when I took an introductory to photography class at MCC with Ray Mains. I started the class by walking in with a point-and-shoot camera. Ray didn’t smirk, roll his eyes or scoff but nicely suggested a DSLR that I might like. By the time the course was over I was hooked. In the past year I’ve taken classes, read book and shot hundreds of pics. Ray opened my eyes to the fun and creativity of photography. Thanks Ray! -Jennifer Phelps

I wanted to take a Digital Photography class for sometime and finally was able to do it past Summer. What I enjoyed about it was that the instructor was extremely knowledgeable and presented his lessons in a very comprehensive easy going way without talking over our heads and making us feel overwhelmed even though for many of us it had been a while since we were in a classroom situation and the subject matter was totally foreign. But Ray encouraged us to take charge of our cameras and have fun with it - pushing buttons and exploring and trying new things - these were things that I know I was little hesitant to do but am doing now.
When Ray was working with us in the field or sharing his own photographs you could tell his level of expertise but more importantly his love of his craft and his desire to share that with his students. He was encouraging and critical when needed and has opened my eyes up to even more as I pursue and continue to pursue learning this craft.
I look forward to taking more classes from Ray Mains in the future - I would really like to go on Safari and immerse myself in photography for the weekend and work with like minded people and if the opportunity affords itself I just may! -Mahalo nui loa - me ka ha'aha'a, Ellie Leialoha

Working with Ray has been great. His informal yet professional approach to teaching photography has made him an invaluable resource for his students. His photo workshops and Photo Safaris have been both cost effective and educational. Most of all they have been FUN... A "must do" list item for anyone seriously interested in taking better pictures...! -Mark Escudero

Ray is not only knowledgeable about his subject, but personable, approachable and individual in instruction. His enthusiasm about photography is contagious. Furthermore, he offers multiple times to work with him in different settings so that you can gain 'in the field' experience. Ray goes out of his way to encourage your success. I highly recommend his classes. You will not be disappointed. -Lothair Green

I have really enjoyed taking Ray's photography classes because it gets you out there in the field and trying things you might not try on your own. He is always available to answer questions and offer suggestions. Ray is an excellent photographer and it shows in his work. He is also fun to be around and makes you feel at ease. I look forward to taking more classes and day trips with Ray. -Simone Reddingius

Ray Mains is one of Maui’s most loved photographers. He has been photographing everyone and everything on Maui for many years. His love for teaching is almost as great as his love for photography. Not only does he teach classes for the adult program at UHMC but also offers his students opportunities to learn on location at various events around the island. Every shoot is a chance to learn and Ray takes full advantage of that opportunity. Safaris with Ray are the best way to learn the art and they are fun. Ray is an experienced guide. He knows Maui and he knows his craft. His students are fortunate to have him as a friend, instructor and mentor.
Thank you, Ray! -Alina Rhoades

Working with Ray Mains has been both fun and rewarding. He is not only knowledgeable and passionate about photography, but he is also very accessible. I felt comfortable asking the most basic questions. He made himself readily available, not only while I was enrolled in the class but afterwords as well. I have always had an interest in photography, but had been scared to take that next step. His class was fun, non-intimidating,and very rewarding. I now have a passion and appreciation for photography. -Ingrid Hartnett

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